Services and partnerships

Services such as commissioned studies and consulting are offered to the public and private sectors in the field of applied hydraulics. This activity contributes to the transfer of LCH know-how to practitioners to solve complex problems witch are beyond competence of engineering companies, acquired within the scope of research projects.

The modern experimental hall in LCH enables a vast range of scale model studies. Pursuing its will of opening and knowledge transfer, LCH decided to develop the concept of a USER’S LAB, consisting of making the laboratory staff and equipment available to practitioners and providing a service for experimental and especially for numerical simulations.

The competence of LCH in the field of physical and numerical modeling covers in particular:

  • hydraulic structures such as water intakes, spillways, bottom outlets, stilling basins, surge tanks, pressure tunnels and shafts;
  • flow and sediment transport in torrents and rivers, debris flow, reservoir sedimentation, flood events ;
  • drinking and waste water systems, reservoirs, vortex shafts, junctions, storm water weirs, culverts ;
  • loading of lake bank protection works (harbors, bank protection) by waves, behavior of wave breakers ;
  • optimization of the design and operation of complex hydro power plants and flood protection systems ;

In the field of numerical modeling a close cooperation exist with the two start-up companies created by former Ph.D. Students as HydroCosmos (Dr. J.Dubois, Dr. N. Beyer-Portner), Aquavision (Dr. E.Bollaert) or e-dric (Dr. P. Heller, Dr. F. Jordan, Dr. A. Amini) witch are associated to projects from case to case according their competences

The experienced engineers at LCH are also involved in providing expert advice in their respective fields. Reports are furnished on clients demand in French, German, English, Italian and Spanish.

The ongoing applied research projects are described in detail in the Activity Report Chapter 1.2 (